Applicant Tracking System

Our Applicant Tracking System is designed with ease-of-use in mind.


The iWorkZone Simplified Applicant Tracking System automates your hiring processes with:


Talent Sourcing

  • Fully automated applicant tracking system.
  • Jobs posted to the major job boards +150 others.
  • Custom career page for Corporate.
  • Specialized landing page for each corporate job.
  • Custom career page for each community.
  • Specialized landing pages for each community job.
  • Recruit from our national Talent Databank™ of available Job Seekers.
  • Coordination of organic talent growth with local High Schools and Colleges.
  • Internal Match button to recruit from inside your organization.

Talent Selection

  • Talent Selfie® Assessment pinpoints internal Talent Wiring™.
  • Core science based on Interests, Personality and Cognitive success predictors.
  • Talent Patterns based on existing Top Performers. No “boxed” benchmarking.
  • Optional custom Talent Patterns derived from U.S. Department of Labor and our data.
  • Automated conditional email notification of new applicant.
  • One-page Matching Report reveals their match to a job.
  • Compare Jobs feature to instantly see where any applicant will fit.
  • Ensures you are the first employer to respond to their initial application.
  • Nurse Retention tool identifies nurse’s likelihood of extended retention.
  • ProScreen reveals applicant’s work ethic, integrity, teamwork and reliability.
  • Cadence Response™ Employee Engagement Survey is highly scientific and reliable.
  • Reduces time to hire by starting with the highest percentage fit first.
  • Integrated background checks.



Learn about the Talent Selfie™ or Talent Pattern Matching.

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