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Kiss Stress Goodbye

Kiss Stress Good-Bye!

It’s that time of year. Food, parties, friends and end-of-year tasks. Ask yourself – how was your 2018? Really? Did you accomplish the things you wanted? Are you satisfied at work and at home? Are you less stressed than you were last year? If yes, congratulations! If your answer is “no”, or you aren’t sure, […]

Positive Culture

Define Your Culture in 6 Steps

We spend a lot of time there – it’s called a number of things: job, career, work, “ball and chain”. Frequently, we focus on what leadership can do to make the workplace the best it can be. Today we are going to discuss simple and meaningful things each person can do to create the culture […]

My Word - Be Positive!

My Word!

Have you ever stopped and really listened to yourself? What you say…versus what you mean? Our words have a powerful effect on those around us and even ourselves. Let’s use an example… Brenda: “Dave, can you help me get the conference room set up for the meeting?” Dave: “No problem.” No Problem. That phrase contains […]

True Story

True Story

Background A friend of mine, I’ll call her “Ashley”, sent me a text on Tuesday of last week. She works at a well-respected recruiting firm as a researcher. Ashley was going to meet on Friday with a friend of hers (acquaintance of mine) who desperately needed a job. We will call him “Sean”. So far, […]

The Talent Selfie™

There have been many analogies used to describe how each of us is unique – snowflakes, thumbprints, stars, the voice…you’ve heard them all. Then, you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What are my unique characteristics? Really – who am I?” Would you like to find out? You can start that journey and discover […]

Is Your Hiring Process Stuck?

“The Earth is flat.” – Thales, 550 BC Does technology feel like it’s progressing more rapidly to you? According to some, that’s because it is. An article about Moore’s Law observes the number of transistors on circuit boards doubles approximately every two years. Now comes the pivotal question…when was the first resume invented? 1645 1482 […]

Recruiting Superstar – That’s You!

Congratulations! You are in the fast-paced, constantly changing, highly competitive career of recruiting. In your world, every single placement is a top priority. As the old expression goes, “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” Let’s turn that around, shall we? One great apple can ignite a culture of excellence. Yes! That’s right. Your candidate can […]

The Shoes, the Suit, the Discovery

My friend assured me it was the very best of its kind – the most highly rated and sought-after suit. Marketing companies agreed. The data was in. Truly, this suit was #1 in the world. I stared at it, noticing the fine fabric, outstanding craftsmanship and could not help but agree. Next, she pulled a […]

5 Considerations in the Hiring Process

5 – Make Sure Your Background Check Forms are Compliant! In today’s litigious world, it’s best to have a partner to handle the forms and authorizations for your background checks. Authorization forms must be “stand alone” and “separate”. Many large companies have been hit with class-action lawsuits, costing them millions of dollars, because of improper […]

Coffee House Revelation

We were having a cup of coffee, listening to mellow jazz at the local Starbucks. “You look tired,” Sam commented. “What’s going on? You are usually more cheerful.” Then, he set his cup down with a certain force and looked directly into my eyes and asked, “Are you in your optimum work zone?” Granted, I […]