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Recruiting Superstar – That’s You!

Congratulations! You are in the fast-paced, constantly changing, highly competitive career of recruiting. In your world, every single placement is a top priority. As the old expression goes, “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” Let’s turn that around, shall we? One great apple can ignite a culture of excellence. Yes! That’s right. Your candidate can […]

The Shoes, the Suit, the Discovery

My friend assured me it was the very best of its kind – the most highly rated and sought-after suit. Marketing companies agreed. The data was in. Truly, this suit was #1 in the world. I stared at it, noticing the fine fabric, outstanding craftsmanship and could not help but agree. Next, she pulled a […]

5 Considerations in the Hiring Process

5 – Make Sure Your Background Check Forms are Compliant! In today’s litigious world, it’s best to have a partner to handle the forms and authorizations for your background checks. Authorization forms must be “stand alone” and “separate”. Many large companies have been hit with class-action lawsuits, costing them millions of dollars, because of improper […]

Coffee House Revelation

We were having a cup of coffee, listening to mellow jazz at the local Starbucks. “You look tired,” Sam commented. “What’s going on? You are usually more cheerful.” Then, he set his cup down with a certain force and looked directly into my eyes and asked, “Are you in your optimum work zone?” Granted, I […]

Listening on the Inside

Based on a true story… He was a success. Co-workers and business colleagues looked at him in wonder and with an occasional twinge of envy. What they didn’t realize is that on the inside Steve was not smiling. In fact, every morning when his alarm went off, he had to force himself to get up […]