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    Faster, Better

    “There is a direct correlation between percentage match and the subsequent ease of conversation in the initial phone screen, interview and onboarding process.”

    – Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.


    I love the resume score! The resume score, when combined with the percentage match makes this an incredibly strong tool.”

    – Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.

    Start With The Best

    “By starting with the best matches, we found we were interviewing a much higher caliber candidate.”

    – Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.

    Faster Hiring

    “Thanks to the pre-hire tools, we reduced our interview to hire ratio from 10:1 to 2:1. The time savings has driven our efficiency to the next level. Wow! Just wow.”

    – Joe M. – HR Director, Warehousing, California

    Better Candidates

    “There is just something different about the iWorkZone candidates. The Talent Selfie has increased productivity and profitability while cutting turnover drastically. This thing just works!”

    – Dana R. – District Manager, Retail, Virginia

    Valuable to Me

    “If our corporate office chose to discontinue use of this tool, I would gladly pay for it out of my own pocket. It is just that valuable to me.”

    – MaryAnn – District Manger – Retail

    Highly Accurate

    “The accuracy of the iWorkZone Talent Selfie is second to none. It has vastly improved the way we hire and manage talent. This is a game changer.”

    – Rick C. – COO, Senior Living, Missouri

    The Results Speak for Themselves

    “We have gone from 120% turnover to 14% in less than a year. The primary difference is we are using the Talent Selfie®.”

    – Janelle P., President of Operations

    Nailed It!

    “My team and I were laughing hysterically during our demo of the report results. The Talent Selfie absolutely nailed who each of us truly are. Amazing clarity. Super tool.”

    – Sue N. – Corporate Training Manager, NJ