Focus On You

Analyze, Aggregate – Replicate

What is it you want to accomplish today – tomorrow, next week, next quarter?  Are you struggling with your hiring process or retention? Do have detailed and understandable information from your Talent Analytics? Are you still using resumes to determine who to interview next? We understand your needs come first, your challenges and processes. We keep this in focus so we can help you succeed.

What if you could lower your interview-to-hire ratio from 10 to 2?


What if you could reduce your turnover rate by 30% or more in less than one quarter?


Intelligent Talent Analytics

We have real results from our clients. We would love to hear from you to show you how we can offer you the same metrics.

Our solutions are robust and easy to deploy! Our  needs analysis is streamlined and hassle-free.

Let’s face it, you have needs – right now, today. You need to hire the best people for YOUR business. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 100 company, our suite of tools will help – because they focus on who to hire, based on your top performers and measured success. Get acquainted with the unique blend of high-touch and science now.

What challenge brought you here today? Below is a quick list of our most widely used services. Ask us for a demo to learn how we can help you find the best and brightest to grow your business.

  • Talent Selfie® – Discover the person “inside” – see how an applicant will fit in before the first interview
  • Talent Concierge™ – Let iWorkZone’s experienced team manage the applicant pool, serving top matches to your inbox
  • Cadence Response™ – An anonymous Employee Engagement Survey to help the executive leadership team focus on strengths and opportunities
  •  Exit Perspective™ – Employee Exit Interview provides and automated way to delve into reasons for turnover.
  • Customer Success – Training, team building and mentoring programs to build on your success
  • SEO & Job Ad Placement – We engage with you to place ads in the most sought after boards
  • Background Checks – Learn how our integrated background checks can benefit you and take the worry out of governmental compliance
  • Sales Benchmarking – Keep your sales team’s trajectory on path with SMARTS


I love the resume score! The resume score, when combined with the percentage match makes this an incredibly strong tool.”

– Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.

Valuable to Me

“If our corporate office chose to discontinue use of this tool, I would gladly pay for it out of my own pocket. It is just that valuable to me.”

– MaryAnn – District Manger – Retail

Faster Hiring

“Thanks to the pre-hire tools, we reduced our interview to hire ratio from 10:1 to 2:1. The time savings has driven our efficiency to the next level. Wow! Just wow.”

– Joe M. – HR Director, Warehousing, California

Better Candidates

“There is just something different about the iWorkZone candidates. The Talent Selfie has increased productivity and profitability while cutting turnover drastically. This thing just works!”

– Dana R. – District Manager, Retail, Virginia

Highly Accurate

“The accuracy of the iWorkZone Talent Selfie is second to none. It has vastly improved the way we hire and manage talent. This is a game changer.”

– Rick C. – COO, Senior Living, Missouri

Nailed It!

“My team and I were laughing hysterically during our demo of the report results. The Talent Selfie absolutely nailed who each of us truly are. Amazing clarity. Super tool.”

– Sue N. – Corporate Training Manager, NJ

Faster, Better

“There is a direct correlation between percentage match and the subsequent ease of conversation in the initial phone screen, interview and onboarding process.”

– Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.

Start With The Best

“By starting with the best matches, we found we were interviewing a much higher caliber candidate.”

– Matthew, New Car Sales Mgr.

The Results Speak for Themselves

“We have gone from 120% turnover to 14% in less than a year. The primary difference is we are using the Talent Selfie®.”

– Janelle P., President of Operations

Talent the Talent Selfie today!

Our solutions were created with you in mind. Contact us to tell us your story.