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System User Guide

Welcome to the online Talent Selfie® FIT Assessment Administrator’s User Guide. This online reference will be updated and maintained with new functions and features as they are developed. We encourage you to check frequently for updates.

If you have specific questions that are not addressed, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist or email technical support at: support@iworkzone.com.

Thank you for trusting iWorkZone with your most valuable asset – your people!

Team iWorkZone

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2.Admin Dashboard

The Dashboard allows the Company Administrator (Co Admin) to access additional functionality to manage:

  1. Employees

  2. Candidates

  3. Job Creation (covered in detail, below)

  4. Expiration Dates

  5. Auto Responders

  6. Email Notifications

  7. Settings

  8. Company Information

  9. Job Titles

  10. Talent Pattern Titles and Assignments

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2.1.Add an Employee

Add an Employee

You can add Employees one at a time or ask your iWZ Support Specialist to import employees. To add an employee, click the Employees tab on the menu bar.

Click the Add New Employee button.

A form will appear. You may choose to fill out the entire form or the required fields.

Note: Location population will appear if the company is a single location. If multiple, please select your location in the drop-down

Required Employee Fields Are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address (used for log-in)

  • Location (see above note)

Click the SAVE button when completed. This information can be edited, if needed. This will prompt the Employee to take the Assessment when they first log in.

Once a person has been entered as an Employee and taken the Assessment, you can grant them administrative access. Change their Permissions to Company Administrator, then click SAVE.

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2.2.Email Invitation to Participate

Sending a Welcome Email with Instructions

After employees are entered into the system, you may want to send a company-wide email with instructions. Here is some language you may wish to use in your email:

Please complete the Assessment by going to www.iWorkZone.com and click “Login” in the top right corner.  Your log-in is your email address and the password is password. Change your password in your profile section after your first login. You will be prompted to complete the Assessment, which takes about 20 minutes to complete.  We encourage you to just have fun with it and go with your initial reaction to each question.

When an Employee has been entered, they can log-in to the system. They will be prompted to take the Assessment until the it has been completed.

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2.3.View or Release Employee

To view the Employee Report, click the blue icon.  If no blue icon appears, the Assessment may be incomplete. For a more comprehensive report, click the Employee name and go to their Testing Tab to view their results.

If the employee is no longer with the company, select Release Employee. They will be removed from your Employee window.

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2.4.Applicant Activity

Dashboard – Applicant Activity

On the Dashboard, we can see responses to Job Openings, outlined on the right in a red rectangle.

When a job is posted and responded to, the applicant count will increase.

There are 3 status color indicator buttons:

  • Green – new, unviewed

  • Blue – viewed

  • Red – no applicants

To view specifics, click the job title, which is a link.

Viewing Applicants

When a job title is clicked, a page will open with all current applicants listed. The default sort order is by date, most recent at the top.

Clicking the column header will sort the information based on that data.

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2.5.Results Summary

Information at a glance:

  • Date: The data on which the Assessment was completed

  • FIT Match: Comparison to the Talent Pattern for the job.

  • Resume Score: If a resume has been uploaded and keywords entered, a “hit” rate of keywords will be displayed.

  • Name: The applicant’s first and last name.

  • Phone: The applicant’s phone number.

  • Matching Report: Clicking the blue icon will launch the applicant’s Report.

  • Candidate: Indicates whether the applicant has been escalated to the Candidate process.

  • Release: Use this button to release the applicant if they are not an appropriate match for the position.

  • Status: An aging summary.

Note: The establishment of a Talent Pattern is a high priority and must be addressed strategically to leverage the power of the iWorkZone proprietary matching science. If you have questions on the development or selection of a Talent Pattern, please contact your iWorkZone Support Specialist.

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3.Develop a Talent Pattern

 Developing Talent Patterns

 A key step in the iWorkZone Matching System process is to replicate the correct top performers. Below are some things to keep in mind as you identify the employees to replicate.

  1. While it can be tempting to subjectively replicate the people you like best personally, you should be as objective as possible in this process. Culture, experience, performance, management and overall environment should be considered.

  2. It is best to choose someone who has been with the company between 2 and 5 years to replicate. You may have someone that has been with the company for over 5 years who is a great performer. The issue is, times have changed. Your company has changed since they came onboard. Consider the reasons they are considered a top performer, rather than simply their current output. Additionally, if they took several years to train, they are likely not the best person to replicate., If you can identify a top performer who was a fast starter and quickly elevated to top performer status, that will more likely lead to successful replication.

  3. Developing a talent pattern for a sales role can be challenging. It is critical to replicate the correct interests and behaviors. There is often more to consider than someone’s status as your top producing salesperson. A salesperson may have great numbers and still be a poor example of the culture you are seeking to foster. Identify the person who demonstrates a balance of sales performance and is also a good ambassador for your brand.

  4. The iWorkZone scientific match is most accurate when replicating a single individual. In some cases, you may need to use two top performers to create the best possible talent pattern for replicating the desired combination of offsetting strengths and weaknesses. There should never be more than three top performers included in the talent pattern, as this dilutes the science to a point where accuracy suffers.

  5. Occasionally, you may have a top performer who is deficient in important areas. Your dedicated iWorkZone Specialist can discuss the issues and, based on your input, adjust the talent pattern  to help you replicate a better employee profile.

  6. iWorkZone is capable of producing a custom lab created, talent pattern for a job, should you need one. We do this at times when a new position is being created as well as in start-up situations. This is less accurate than replicating an actual top performer in your organization and should be considered  a temporary situation until a top performer is in place. Please reach out to your iWorkZone Specialist should you need assistance in this area.

If you have questions, require training or need support for this key step, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist.

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4.Create a Job

Creating a New Job

From your Administrator Dashboard click Settings.

Step 1: Create the Job Title

All new jobs must first have a Job Title created in settings. Click Job Title and the select Add Job Title button. Fill out the title and a description, if desired. The SOC Code is optional.

NOTE: Descriptions and SOC are for internal purposes only. This informatioon does not appear on the job posting.

Step 2: Create a Talent Pattern

Talent Patterns create the comparison metric for applicants. This is a critical factor for maximizing the power of the iWorkZone Talent Selfie. If you have questions on Talent Patterns, their use, creation or assignment, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist.

Click Create Talent Pattern.

Check 1 or 2 names from the drop-down list to create the Talent Pattern. If more than one name is selected, a combination metric will be automatically created.

Name the Talent Pattern according to the job description. Click SAVE when complete.

NOTE: If you need assistance to create a new Talent Pattern, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist.

Screening Questions – Screening questions associated with a job are an option. See Section 4.1 for details on this. A job may be created with or without Screening Questions.

Step 3 – Create a New Job

On the top menu, Click Job Openings, then click ADD JOB OPENING

You will use a Job Title and Talent Pattern that were created above, in Settings.

Job Title and Talent Pattern will be in a drop-down list, based on what has been already created. Select the appropriate ones for the new job. (Screening Questions may also be included from the drop-down).

NOTE: Location may need to be selected from the drop-down if your company has more than one locaiton.

The Title is a heading that appears on the live job post. The default headline is Job Description. This can be edited, if you require something else.

Copy for the Job Description can be formatted as you would in a Word or Google Docs file. The buttons outlined in the red rectangle show different formatting option buttons. The editor is a powerful tool to make your job eye-catching.

You can copy/paste existing job descriptions into the Job Description and Job Requirements sections.

There are text areas to use, the description of the job and any messaging on the company you want included –


An area for specific requirements for the position.

Step 4 – Additional Job Information and Functions

Salary information is not a required field. Many clients choose to use this or not based on job function. There are also several “switches” to turn on and off functionality. Click the button to change it to On. If notifications are set to “On”, you must enter information in order to Save the job.

Optional Job Opening Functionality

Salary: You may choose to advertise the salary for the position. Enter the value here.

Salary Type: Options are Yearly, Hourly, Contract

Active Till Date: Selecting a date will close the job on the date entered.  It is recommended to leave this field blank. This allows the job to be displayed with no expiration.

Note: Jobs can be toggled Active / Inactive in the job listing.

Status: Options are Open, Draft, Closed

Auto Responders:

Email Notification: Turning this button on will allow an automatic email to be sent to the email address(es) entered. A custom message can be entered. It is recommended the job title and location be included in the email message.

You can also use separate responses to team members when the match reaches a specific percentage.

POWER TIP – Internal Email Notification:

The iWZ tool allows you to instantly have email notifcations sent to specific team members when an applicant has taken the Assessment. You can set the parameters for receiving the email. You may have a person who wants to see every completion, or a supervisor who only wants to see an applicant who scores at certain percentage match or hgher. Applicant details are seen at-a-glance in the recipient’s inbox.

The email notification is configured in this powerful area of the job creation section. It will allow you to immediately see and respond to those who apply, assuring you will respond quickly to those of greatest interest.

Candidate and Not a FIT Notification:

When these are enabled, boxes appear to create or copy / paste language that will automatically be sent to the applicant upon a change in their status. If the status is changed to “Not a Fit”, the candidate is also released, and will no longer appear in your applicant pool.

Candidate Notification:

This is an automation to let the applicant know they are being considered and will enter your hiring process.

Not a Fit Notification:

This releases the applicant, and lets them know they are not in consideration.

Internal Job Posting:

If Internal Job Posting is enabled, the job will only be visible via a direct link, and not accessible or published. This is a useful function for:

  1. Internal job sourcing, where positions are offered to existing employees first.

  2. Use of the FIT Assessment for managerial, operations or career development.

Require Resume Upload:

While the iWorkZone tool is not an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the upload functionality is a integrated solution for Hiring Managers who want to view a resume. Enabling this requires the applicant to first upload their resume before continuing with the Assessment. You can also add keywords for the position, which will be “scored” by the system and show up on the Matching Report. (see below)

Require Resume Upload: This will activate a line for Resume Keywords. It will also require an applicant to upload a resume prior to completing the assessment.

Resume Keywords: You may choose to enter specific keyboards to track in an uploaded resume. Keywords must be separated by a semicolon (;).

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4.1.Set Up Screening Questions

POWER TIP: You may wish to set up screening questions. This feature can be helpful to pre-qualify applicants. Screening questions can even be used as a substitute for a resume for entry-level positions.

NOTE: For compliance purposes, it is a best practice to have all screening questions reviewed by leadership and/or your Human Resources department.

To access Screening Questions, click SETTINGS on the top menu.

Toward the bottom of the page, click SCREENING QUESTIONS.

Each job is allowed to have up to 10 unique questions. To create a new question, click the CREATE SCREENING QUESTIONS button.

Enter the JOB NAME. It may match the Job Name or specific questions can be used with multiple job postings.

Question Options:

RESPONSE – Whether a response is Required or Preferred. It is always recommended to make Screening Questions required!

TYPE – Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Text

Selecting Multiple Choice will bring up an area to enter the question options.

Clicking + will allow you to enter additional answers.

When complete, click the SAVE button at the bottom.

Note: The limit of total screening questions allowed is 10.

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4.2.Job - Add a Custom Image

Job links can now support a custom image in the posting! To access this functionality, when creating a job, select the Image Template from the drop-down.


Next, click the Background Image button. You will need to locate the image on your computer to upload it.

Select the file and click OPEN to upload. Create the job as usual after the image is uploaded.

NOTE: Image size must be 1120×540 or the system will generate an error.



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4.3.Resume Upload & Keywords

iWZ supports a resume upload requirement, if desired by leadership. Every job / position can toggle the resume function. The decision whether or not to require a resume is typically based on position and role.

If the resume upload requirement is toggled on in the job setup, the applicant will have to upload a resume before continuing to complete the Assessment. 

Resume Keywords are not required if the resume upload is turned on, however, the resume will not be scored unless you require keywords. 

NOTE: Keywords must be separated by a semicolon (;) to function properly.

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4.4.Internal Email Notifications

When creating a job, there is a powerful tool to notify the Hiring Manager and any team members involved in the hiring decision. Toward the bottom of the job creation setup page, you will see the CONDITIONAL EMAIL section.

This section provides a way to immediately notify the team when an applicant matching a certain threshold has completed the Assessment.

POWER TIP:  Create team distribution lists to announce applicants. Add specific details in the fields to make the email informative.

Add team members to the email notification by entering their email address. Multiple addresses must be separated by a comma (,).

Percent of FIT: This slider is set at a 75% match of the talent pattern for the position by default. It can be adjusted up or down. (The image has the slider set at an 80% value).

Email Subject: Create an informative email subject so the team will know at a glance what position has a “hot” applicant.

Resume Score: If resume upload is enabled, you can set a score for the resume keywords. Leave this field blank to simply use the FIT metric comparison.

Conditional Email Body: Add details in the body that will be helpful to the team.

Once the Conditional Email has been saved with the job, team members will be notified and be able to respond to high-potential applicants quickly. This will assure you can respond to them in a timely manner.

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5.Changing an Applicant's Status

 Changing an Applicant’s Status

When viewing the applicant’s details on their matching screen, the status of an applicant can be modified by clicking the STATUS button (on the left) to view options. Click the applicant’s name to launch this view.

To continue the process of consideration, click Add to Candidate’s Page. If autoresponders are enabled, the applicant will receive an email notifying them they are being considered for next steps.

To immediately add the candidate as an employee, click Instant add Employee. This will remove the candidate from this list and insert him or her into the Employees list.

To release the applicant, click Not a Fit. As mentioned, above, this step will remove the candidate from your data pool. If autoresponders are enabled, the applicant will receive an email notifying them they are no longer in consideration.

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5.1.Manage Applicants

When a job seeker has completed the Talent Selfie®, their results are immediately available. If email notifications are enabled, you will receive a summary email . The email will include the applicant’s score and their contact information (contact information not displayed in the example below.)

Depending on your browser, the email may look something like this.

You can see at-a-glance if this applicant meets your company’s threshold for consideration. If not, you can also compare them to other open positions.

Managing applicants is simple. Click the job link from either the Dashboard or the Job menu.

A list of applicants will be displayed.

Columns can be sorted by date, resume score or FIT % Match.

NOTE: If the Resume Score is 0, resume keywords are not enabled.

If an applicant is not in consideration, it is a best practice to notify them and click the RELEASE APPLICANT link in the row with their name. They will be removed from your list.

An applicant will also be removed from your list if their status is changed to employee. Candidates remain until a final decision (employee or release) is made.

NOTE: Applicants who are US Veterans are indicated with a flag next to their name.

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6.Employee Matching Report

A key report for iWorkZone Administrators is the Matching Report. This is a short summary displaying an overview of the applicant, candidate or employee. It can be configured to be sent via email to system administrators upon the completion of the FIT Assessment. You can view the snapshot in your email or log-in to the system to view the full report.

In the top section, the first column displays the Talent DNA, They are:

  • Realistic

  • Investigative

  • Conventional

  • Social

  • Enterprising

  • Artistic

The second column is the applicant you are reviewing. The third column is the Talent Pattern, which is the measure of your top performer. The fourth column is the variation, or delta, between the two.

In the second section behaviors are listed. They are:

  • Competitor

  • Communicator

  • Cooperator

  • Coordinator

In the third section, additional factors are displayed. They are:

  • Task versus People

  • Active versus Passive

Each of these areas is scored against the Talent Pattern in a summary number on the right.

There is also an area for ratings and comments to be added, outlined in red. These comments will be stored with a time and date stamp and may be viewed by clicking Collaborator Ratings.

Full Hiring Report

It is also possible to view the full Hiring Report from this page. Next to the Overall Match, you will see a hyperlink View Full Hiring Report.

POWER TIP: Hiring Report

It is important to access and share this report with Hiring Managers because it includes critical interview questions related to their Talent DNA.

To view specifics on the details of each heading, hover your mouse over the column name. A pop-up will appear, displaying the attributes of each descriptor.

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7.Compare an Applicant to Other Jobs

You can take an assessed applicant or employee and compare their results with your existing jobs.

From the Matching Report, click the Compare Jobs button.

You can see a snapshot of how the current applicant compares to the Talent Pattern used in all current jobs. With a single click, you can add him or her to another job.

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8.Searching for Additional Job Seekers

From the Job Openings page, you can search within the complete iWorkZone applicant pool. To view potential matches against a current job opening, click the Search for Job Seekers button.

You can select the parameters you wish for your search, such as percent match and distance. Click the SEARCH button.

The search will display applicants in the system who are not currently applying for this job.

After viewing the Matching Report, you may wish to add them to the Job Opening and contact the applicant to continue the interview process.

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9.Candidate Page

After an applicant has been viewed, their status may be changed to Candidate. To view current candidates, click the Candidates tab on the top menu.

A current list of all active candidates will display. Clicking on the person’s name will display a page with all of their profile details. Clicking the blue icon will display their matching report. (See above)

Create a Candidate Comparison

It can be very useful to see how candidates compare with your top performers and to each other.

There is a quick visual tool on the Candidate page to help you assess how the individuals compare. Click the CREATE A COMPARISON button to launch the dialogue box. Enter the names in the field you want to view.


Note: To compare Candidates to current Employees and/or Candidates, click the COMPARE CANDIDATES TO EMPLOYEES button on the left side of the screen.

View the Comparison

The comparison screen displays attributes broken into 4 different areas:

  • Behavior (Competitor, Coordinator, Communicator, Cooperator)

  • Active versus Passive

  • Task versus People

  • Talent DNA (Enterprising, Social, Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Conventional)

Color Key:

  • Green – top behavior or interest

  • Yellow – secondary behavior or interest

  • Blue – third work type interest

To view specifics on the details of each heading, hover your mouse over the column name. A pop-up will appear, displaying the attributes of each descriptor.

The comparison page can be exported to a PDF to share with collaborators in the hiring process.

Release Candidate – if you are no longer considering the candidate for the company, click release to remove him or her from the data pool.

Optional Background Checks –  (available at an additional cost). This feature may or may not be visible, depending on whether the service has been enabled.

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10.Employees – Using the Selfie for Company Growth

The iWorkZone Talent Selfie® can also be effective for managing existing employees. Examples of successful application of the tool in the workplace are:

  1. Promotions and repurposing employees

  2. Conflict resolution

  3. Succession planning

  4. Annual reviews, coaching and mentoring

The Employees Page functions in a similar manner to the Candidate Page.

Functions Available on the Employment Page

View Employee Report – click the blue icon next to Employee Report

View Employee Profile – click employee name to view all their uploaded details. Details can be edited.

Create a Comparison – follow the same instructions as on the Candidate Page, above

Release Employee – if the employee is no longer with the company, click release to remove him or her from the data pool.

Optional Background Checks –  (available at an additional cost). This feature may or may not be visible, depending on whether the service has been enabled.

Power Tip: Promoting or Repurposing Employees

To compare an employee to other jobs in the company, click their name and then click COMPARE JOBS.

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11.Supervisor Access Intro

Welcome to the Supervisor Administrator Access help section!

Super Admin is not available to all Company Administrators. It is configured for companies with multiple locations who want a single point of entry to access all their accounts. If your company has multiple locations and would like to have this functionality, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist.

For those of you with Super Access, your log-in screen is located at:


All of the functions available for Company Admins are also available to Super Admins under each company. Please refer to the specific functions in the Help File above. This section will cover functionality unique for Super Admins.

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11.1.Supervisor Dashboard

After logging in, you will see the Supervisor Administrator Dashboard.

On the left side of the screen will be a series of buttons listing each location. With a single click, the Super Admin can access all the data within that company or site.

The top menu in Super Admin is slightly different.

Menu options are:

  • Dashboard
  • Settings (returns to Dashboard)
  • Change Employees – Moves employees from one company to another
  • Change Job Seeker – Moves job seekers to specific jobs and locations
  • Compare Employees – Allows viewing employee talent patterns with employees from differing locations.
  • Engagement Report – If your company has requested an Employee Engagement Survey, the results by location and cumulative will be located here.

Once you have accessed a specific location, you must log out to return to the main Supervisor Dashboard.

On the right side, click your log-in name. Select EXIT SESSION. You will be returned to the main dashboard.

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11.2.Change Employee

There are instances when moving an employee from one company to another can be very useful.

POWER TIP: Replicating Top Employee

Particularly when attempting to replicate a top-performer, you many wish to temporarily move the employee from one company to another to establish the Talent Pattern Matching for a new job. This is easily and efficiently accomplished with this function.

From the top menu, click Change Employee.

From User, scroll or begin to type the person’s name. Click to populate the drop-down menu. You will see the employee’s full name and email address below User.

On the New Company side, scroll or type the location name.

After the information has been selected, click SUBMIT.

You will get a confirmation message in the top area of your browser.

This function can be performed as often as needed. To move the employee back to their original location, reverse the process.

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11.3.Change Job Seeker

If you have an applicant who has applied for a position who does not qualify in your company’s threshold as a FIT, it is simple to move the applicant to another job location or job title. This method will allow your hiring process to continue and not “lose” the applicant.

From the Supervisor Dashboard click the Change Job Seeker button on the top menu.

Choose the job seeker from the USER drop-down menu.

From the APPLIED JOBS drop-down, you can modify the Applied Job, to see if they will be a proper match for another position.

You can also modify the location by selecting it from the JOBS drop-down.

Click the SUBMIT button to save your changes, f you want to move the applicant to the new job.

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11.4.Compare Employees

In Supervisor Admin, it is possible to compare employees who work at different locations. This might be helpful when promotions or succession planning is required. It can also be very helpful when comparing people in the same roles at different locations.

From the Supervisor Admin dashboard menu, click COMPARE EMPLOYEES.

Click the CREATE COMPARISON button and enter the names of the employees in the pop-up box. Click COMPARE.

Results will be displayed.

Green = highest metric

Yellow = second highest

Blue = third highest

Note: If you have questions on learning how to evaluate comparisons or Talent Patterns, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist.

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12.Understanding the Science

A separate “Quick Start Guide” has been created to delve into the science behind the Talent Selfie FIT Assessment. If you have not received the Guide, please contact your iWZ Support Specialist or Account Manager. They will be pleased to supply a Guide to you.

Leadership Development Training is also available for your team’s organizational development. To learn more, email info@iWorkZone.com.

If you have a question that has not been answered in this guide, please email support@iWorkZone.com.

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