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Turnover plagues senior living. In an industry where 70% or more of the employees work for an hourly wage, it is difficult to create stability. Various factors impact this, including wage rates, hours scheduled, and job seeker shortages

Finding a solution is critical for success.


A New Approach

The operator implemented the Talent Selfie® into their hiring process, where every applicant completed it with their application. Further, each existing employee was tested, and the results of the test were utilized in screening, hiring, training, and ongoing management.


The Results

Within 90 days the locations saw a reduction in their 30-day turnover rate.

Over the course of a year, new hire turnover was reduced by 27%, resulting in savings of $300,000.


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Using the Talent Selfie reduced interviews-to-hire from 10 to 2. This were savings of 4 hours per job based on a 30-minute average interview.


Implementing iWorkZone's tools, a national retailer realized an annual reduction in turnover cost of over $3,000,000 across 120 locations.

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Talent Profiling

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What Customers Are Saying

“Stability in staffing is critical for our business, our residents and families depend on it. Finding a tool to guide us to candidates that are truly wired for the job has changed everything!” ED, Senior Living

Senior Living

“Thanks for sending this over! Your Talent Selfie is probably the most eye-opening assessment I have ever completed. I will definitely spend time reviewing and analyzing the details of these results.”

Kyle B

“I specialize in leadership training for talent analytics centered hiring and retention.” Brad Lambden

Brad Lambden – Training

After including the iWorkZone tools in our hiring process, we reduced our interview to hire ratio from 10 to 1 to 2 to 1.  It’s amazing how efficient we have become in our hiring process by starting with candidates wired for the job.

Dana R
CEO, Keen IT Solution

Intelligent Talent Analytics

Creating a Better Culture One Person at a Time

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