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Brad Lambden

Brad Lambden, CEO of iWorkZone, embodies the principles he shares with business leaders and individuals. While devoting himself to serving others, Brad has worked with a multi-dimensional team to bring a message of personal and business transformation for unique empowerment.

With his soon-to-be released of book, “Know More”, Brad weaves effective techniques for business leaders to grow their teams and their bottom line with empathy and understanding of how to properly apply each person’s unique strengths and abilities. Brad has trained hundreds of leaders and teams across the globe, in varying countries and cultures successfully. Offering practical solutions to what may seem to be thorny human capital challenges, Brad allows his audience to self-discover and quite literally know more of what their next steps should be to advance.

Brad is a father of three, and grandfather of one. He resides in Texas and devotes himself to helping others. In his own words, he describes himself as, “NEED QUOTE”.

Would you like to explore a whole new level of personal and business satisfaction? Contact Brad to learn more about his offerings, customized for your need. 

Talent Selfie Team Experience™

Training, team building, and organizational development should – in a perfect world – leave a lasting impact.  

Ask yourself, “Have these sessions lived up to the hype?” 

It’s time for a personalized experience. One that speaks directly to the individual. With the structure, tools and delivery of the Talent Selfie Team Experience, your participants will walk away with a new understanding of themselves and their teammates. 

Session Types Include:

 – Introductory Online Consultation

 – Half-Day Experience

 – Full-Day Experience

 – Customized Experience

Level up in 2024! Contact us to learn more about this life-changing opportunity. 

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