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Effortless Inclusivity…

There have been many articles and posts devoted to diversity and inclusion in hiring and retention practices. While typically used in tandem, these two words have become pillars in best practices in today’s business world. In fact, these words are unique in their own right.

The focus of this text is to invite you to consider how an intentional, consistent hiring process is the key component to moving from the theoretical concept of diverse hiring, to actually accomplishing it.

What if you could use proven technology to select which candidates to interview without knowing their race, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or even their name?

How can this happen?

iWorkZone has purposely developed its software suite to present inclusive, objective data to your hiring professionals.

By utilizing our tools, you see:

  • The best resume matches without directly viewing the resume.
  • The best Talent Selfie matches to your existing top performers without seeing their name.

The ultimate guide to diversity and inclusion begins with the Talent Selfie.



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