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Senior Living Healthcare

 Stop the Bleeding

Recruiting loyal and hardworking healthcare workers has become more challenging in the past few years. Do you find yourself asking:

“Our residents have been promised quality care – is there a sure way to know if this staff member will show up?”


“Will this nurse I’m hiring stay more than a year or two, or will they move on like the others?”

 Integrity Assurance

Senior caregivers fulfil a vital role in the fabric of our world, providing needed services to those dependent on them. 

What if you could be assured a candidate will show up, be honest and be a positive contributor for your residents?

iWorkZone has your answers. Our straightforward keys will eliminate the guesswork and give you informed decision-making to find the needle in the haystack.

 The Results

Here is one example:

90 days after implemention of iWZ,  locations saw a reduction in their 30-day turnover rate.

Over the course of a year, new hire turnover was reduced by 27%, resulting in savings of $300,000.

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