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Our Mission & Vision:

iWZ empowers people to discover their best possible career path

using  Intelligent Talent Analytics & real-time data.


Our Science:

The foundation of our highly predictive psychometric science was born nearly 40 years ago. Since that time, our team of psychologists, led by the original creator, has refined the system into its present-day form. Whether we rely on the validation studies or the amazing success stories from our users, the accuracy of our results is undeniable. A key iWorkZone difference is its proprietary metrics, which provides a clear picture of how each assessed person thinks. We call this Talent Wiring. Personality and behaviors are also considered. While there is no scientific data to show that measuring personality alone is a predictor of job success, the iWorkZone combination has proven results and provides  our clients unprecedented clarity around how an individual is “wired” and why they act and react the way they do in situations.


iWorkZone embraces inclusion as an intrinsic human right. Inclusion seeks to respect all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other need. Inclusion offers everyone equal access and opportunities. It works toward the elimination of discrimination and intolerance (removal of barriers) in education and employment. It positively affects all aspects of public life.

The iWorkZone suite of tools provides you with objective assurance of inclusion and diversity for all pre-hire screening and hiring.

iWorkZone Today:

Our founder had a clear desire and vision to help people. This intention has built our strategy to give students and job seekers the knowledge to recognize who they are. This understanding is enormously useful to find the perfect career path for an individual.

The tipping point came with the development and deployment of our online automated system. The iWorkZone Talent Selfie™ was born. Our suite of tools provides immediate results and reporting. In addition, students can explore career path options as well as live job offerings to see how they compare to actual top performers in real jobs around the country. iWorkZone Corporate Partners throughout the U.S. actively support our system as they are seeking students within our system who are a good FIT to their organization’s business and culture.

Intelligent Talent Analytics

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