Misdiagnosis: Now I’m a Recovering ENFJ

What if a cardiologist insisted on making a diagnosis and pre-surgical decisions based on only listening to a stethoscope? Would you be comfortable with that? Would you be willing to have that level of information determine your treatment or course of action?

Probably not…

Years ago, an assessment tool was developed for psychologists as an aid to help them guide their patients through personal and professional situations. Since then, this test has been widely administered in businesses, schools and with individuals. People are typed according to how they answered questions related to personality. Four simple letters are assigned to each person, putting them into a tidy personality box. No professional guidance needed. The test has affected decisions to interview, hire and promote individuals based on highly contested accuracy for these purposes. There is little or no evidence to support the validity of correlating specific careers based on personality types alone. However, personality or behavior is certainly useful to understand.

Behavior is defined as, “the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.” By this very definition, one can conclude behavior will and must change if the “particular situation or stimulus” is altered. This is why psychologists and psychiatrists practice. Behavior can be changed, and they seek to help people achieve this.

Much like modern medicine has developed techniques and technologies to see beneath the surface (MRI, CT-Scan, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography, etc.), science has also come to realize human beings are much more than our outward behavior. Humans have both conscious and subconscious levels of thought. Consciousness is defined as, “A sense of one’s personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group.” In short, this is how we think and believe.

Depending on what journal is the reference, science will also tell you the subconscious mind controls between 90-98% of our actions. Thoughts and beliefs, which lie hidden under the surface create the entire person we are. Humans are much more than behavioral actions. These thoughts are who we are.

Superior Science Available Today

A real-life conversation occurred recently among a highly educated and skilled Mechanical Engineer and iWorkZone Consultants. In the conversation the woman shared she “hates assessments” because she had received results in high school and again in college that pigeon-holed her toward career choices that held no interest for her. The results left her confused and discouraged, rather than enlightened.

She ignored the results and recommendations and continued her pursuit of her desired engineering degree, but the nagging doubts lingered. Now, she was seeking another position and she found herself questioning her own abilities. The “stethoscope”, or surface 4-letter designation of her complex attributes left her hesitant, doubting and even grieving over whether she had made a life-long faulty decision.

After taking the iWorkZone Talent Selfie® and having a short review, she was able to see the accuracy of superior science. Behaviors are a factor, true. However, there are deeply ingrained thought processes that can now be measured precisely. We call this Talent DNA™, and we believe every person was made uniquely and for a purpose, including work. Like your genetic strands – your innate abilities, interests, attitudes and behaviors combine to make you unique and valued.

At the conclusion, she was eager to proceed to her upcoming interview with confidence. She no longer refers to herself in the “old terms”. She is well on her way toward embracing exactly who she is.

“When I see this so clearly on paper, it is spot-on. I feel so much better about myself and what I am doing.”

It’s time to lose the stethoscope and look within.

The Talent Selfie® will do that. See the full person, and discover the benefits of superior science.

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