Recruiting Superstar – That’s You!

Congratulations! You are in the fast-paced, constantly changing, highly competitive career of recruiting. In your world, every single placement is a top priority. As the old expression goes, “one bad apple spoils the bunch.”

Let’s turn that around, shall we?

One great apple can ignite a culture of excellence. Yes! That’s right. Your candidate can be the positive catalyst for your client’s company. iWorkZone has the tools to help you present only the best apples to your clients. Guesswork gone!

First, here are some tips and tricks to launch your recruiting reputation to “Super Hero” status.

1.       Mind Your Manners. When you make an initial contact on the phone, it makes sense to ask if the time is convenient. Start out by showing your prospect you CARE. They may ask to reschedule. That’s fine. At least you are starting out on the right foot.

2.       Listen. You can tell a tremendous amount about a person by the way they talk – the speed, diction, grammar and so on. Take a moment to soak in the essence of the person and attempt to harmonize with them. It will put them at ease and make your conversation more rewarding.

3.       Avoid Repetition. Whether your words, or theirs, try to keep the conversation moving forward. If you repeat yourself, or repeat what they say, it could be a signal that makes them question if you are being patronizing. That isn’t the direction you want to go!

4.       Honest Is Best. If you are asked a question and you aren’t sure of the answer, tell the person you will research and get back to them. Creating an answer on-the-fly could come back to haunt you. Honesty is the best policy.

5.       Next Steps. Be clear about the next call, meeting or follow-up item. Then, make sure to follow through. Being reliable is important to establish credibility and confidence.

Lastly, consider new methods. We have had several recruiters who had never used assessment tools to increase their efficiency. In today’s world, finding the right candidate rapidly is critical. With unemployment numbers so low, every applicant is a gold mine.

I wish I could hire another person just like…” Now you can!

Our assessment includes the revolutionary Talent Template™ which automatically matches candidates against actual top-performers who are functioning in their role successfully. The Talent Template is not theoretical or created in a lab, it is based on the best 1 or 2 performers in a specific location and management style. Applicants are automatically compared to the Talent Template, providing you a clear understanding of who they really are on the inside and why the act the way they do outwardly.

Once recruiters begin using the FIT, they see their placements are more successful and quickly become productive assets for the hiring authority. When you are a strong partner in placing top-performers, your clients will be loyal and look to you as their primary hiring resource.

Embrace the future. The iWorkZone FIT Assessment™ will give you the new standard to present to your clients. To quote one highly respected corporate recruiter, “If I would have had this when I was working in Search, I would have killed it!

How about you? Are you ready to become the next Recruiting Superstar? Let us show you how. Contact us today.


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