Case Study National Retailer

Retail Relief

Retailers measured the results from using iWorkZone’s Talent Mining and Matching tool for 18 months.

They realized a reduction in interviews-to-hire from 10 down to 2. This was an average savings of 4 hours per interview based on their 30 minute per interview average.

Key staff could use those “extra” 4 hours for more revenue-centered tasks.

“There’s something different about iWorkzone candidates. more productive and seem to complement our other members and< overall culture of our stores.”
– District Manager

Dollars & Sense

WorkZone’s web-enabed
recruiting environment gave
stores an average of 10 fewer
turnovers per year. a savings
of $30,000. The annual cost
for the tool per store for this
retailer was $4.000. putting
$26.000 per year back into
each store’s budget in real


This global retailer saw turnover rates plummet from 35% to 10% per store. on average. irrespective of the geographic market. Managers noted other benefits: faster time to productivity. fewer “people” problems and easier managing.
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