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iWorkZone positively impacts turnover and we can prove it

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Talent Selfie®

Talent mining, matching and management system

Highly predictive talent analytics delivered in an automated, cloud-based, software platform. It drastically improves retention and reduces costly turnover. This extremely accurate, highly validated science, systematically aids in development of your organizational culture.

Selection and Hiring

Objective Management

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Cadense Response

Employee engagement survey

As you plan and react to the current demands and multiply all of this by the number of your fingertips. How can you sort it out? How can you assess and prioritize, quickly and efficiently, the overall needs of your business?

iWZ offer you Cadence Response™, which accuratelly and graphically measures:

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Exit Perspective

Employee exit survey

Exit Perspective™ will give you objective data to assess how your organization has affected the employee’s experience. Often, exiting employees and more candid and offer details into areas that may require attention. Allowing another touchpoint prior to departure is a valuable step.

5 Beneficial reasons to implement Exit Perspective

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