Talent Pattern Matching

In the beginning it was a dream – college, your career, your business, whatever it was that so consumed you, you had to pursue it.

Today, as you continue to grow your company, team or department, you realize that

some are more naturally gifted to accomplish the tasks at hand.

The Talent Selfie Assures the Perfect FIT.

Why is this?

What makes certain people more adept in certain situations?

We have the answer, and it’s relatively simple. It is how we are “wired” versus how we behave. All of us have modified our behaviors at times. In certain situations we may be able to compensate more easily. There is, however, lurking under the surface the real person – the one who will show up under pressure or stress. This is who you need to understand.

Our Talent Selfie provides unparalleled insight into how a person thinks and who they really are. This is considered their Talent Wiring.

When you have a top performer, they can take their Talent Selfie to create an accurate metric benchmark. This is not a lab-created theoretical person. It’s who you already know has demonstrated the characteristics you need.

Next, when you receive an applicant, you can compare them to your top performer(s). Starting with the best will ensure you long-term, better results. Isn’t that what you want?

What if I don’t have a top performer?

Contact us and we will show you how to develop a Custom Talent Pattern or show you a demo.

Matching the right people to the right job isn’t rocket science – it is iWorkZone science!


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