Talent Selfie

Imagine an environment where you can compare interests and abilities to career opportunities and job responsibilities. iWZ provides all participants with access to discover and reflect on their innate and inner strengths. We call it Talent Wiring™.

Now there is an alternative to: Introduction. Resume. Interview. Reference Checks. Decision. iWZ provides High-Touch and validated Science in one integrated cloud-based offering.

Experience the Talent Selfie®

In contrast to many psychometric assessments that focus on behavior and attitudes, iWZ invites participants to self-discover their total talent profile through a series of thoughtful questions, responses and preferences. Our science is unique in terms of its predictability for Success. That’s great news for employers, job seekers, students, career coaches – virtually everyone who values work! iWZ is committed to improving career search and fulfillment with metrics that support the decision-making process.

You’ve Got to See It To Believe It!

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