The Science of Synchronizing

It’s been a mystery…in 1655, the inventor of the pendulum clock, (Christiaan Huygens) was ill. Confined to his bed, he noticed a peculiar thing. When clocks were hanging on the same wall, regardless of when their pendulums began, within 30 minutes they were synchronized!

What if your employees or team members were in such harmony in 2019? It is possible!

iWorkZone has an easy, understandable and measurable solution for you to consider. Cadence™ – Employee Engagement Survey.

This secure, online, anonymous survey provides leadership with an accurate, non-biased analysis of how things are really functioning in their organization. The instrument was developed by leading organizational scientists. Cadence will help you uncover the key drivers unique in your company.

This solution is a stand-alone product, designed for those who value their business and want to take it to the next level. One employee participant stated, “It was rewarding to know our leaders care enough to hear from us. Our experience, on a daily basis, is different than theirs and can offer a lot of information.”

Cadence is fast and simple to deploy. The report provides unparalleled insight.

Just like clocks on the same wall, your people affect each other. According to, “Recently, scientists analyzing two pendulum clocks hanging from the same beam found that the clocks could influence each other through small forces exerted on the supporting beam…”

Get your pendulums synchronized and watch your business growth explode. Let’s make that 2019 resolution now: Cadence.

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