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Margie was a college professor of biology at an Ivy League university before she retired. Today, she resides in an assisted living facility, and requires a great deal of care, especially for memory loss. Margie’s soul is the same, and you can still see the flashes of brilliance in her dark brown eyes if you take the time to look.

Suzie is one of the caregivers for Margie. Suzie was recently hired at this bustling Community, using the objective scientific approach of Talent Selfie®. Within days Suzie has acclimated to the Community, fitting in as though she had been born to it. Her easy smile and gentle hands are making a difference in Margie’s life daily. We call this success on all sides!

Is it possible to predict which people will be able to perform at high levels with skill and enthusiasm? Yes! Can a business know before an interview that a person will mesh within their culture and management? Yes!

It’s all about superior science and Intelligent Talent Analytics delivered by iWorkZone.

The care for our aging population is a big responsibility. Tom Brokaw wrote a book called, “The Greatest Generation”, and now many of these selfless people are requiring special attention to preserve their dignity. The care of aging loved ones is a high calling.

Because of this Community’s consistent use of the easy-to-use and accurate iWorkZone system, they have:

  1. Reduced turnover by a whopping 106% in less than a year.
  2. Helped identify their key team members and continue to build their corporate culture.
  3. Increased their level of resident care and family satisfaction.

Most of all, iWZ science has helped the company build a team who genuinely care about the people under their watch. Staff members are experiencing rewarding careers that suit them, which makes them more productive and committed. The company is more secure in their growth and profitability. And folks, like Margie, are experiencing better days and a brighter outlook.

Learn how this solution can positively impact your bottom line. iWorkZone. Intelligent Talent Analytics.


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