True Story


A friend of mine, I’ll call her “Ashley”, sent me a text on Tuesday of last week. She works at a well-respected recruiting firm as a researcher. Ashley was going to meet on Friday with a friend of hers (acquaintance of mine) who desperately needed a job. We will call him “Sean”. So far, Sean’s searches had been unsuccessful. Ashley was going to review his resume and help him spruce it up and prep him for interview questions.

She asked my advice. I told her what I would do myself if I was in that position. I suggested Sean go online, create a free account and take the iWorkZone “Talent Selfie™”. Once completed, the person gets a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand report PLUS has access to thousands of jobs all across the country.


Ashely passed on the information to Sean. She had a big surprise when she met him a couple of days later.

Forget the resume! Sean had taken the Talent Selfie and clicked a button to apply for a position that he matched, and the job really interested him. Bingo! The company contacted him right away, and the interview was scheduled. He was hired on the spot!

He starts today, less than a week later. And here is the best part of all…the company has confidence in Sean as a new recruit because of the amazing accuracy of the Talent Selfie. They know he is a great hire and will succeed. Sean is on the road to success because he is in a position he is “wired” to do. The ramp-up time will be short, and this career will be rewarding.

That’s what we do. iWorkZone. Bringing people and jobs together.

Take your Talent Selfie today.


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